History of Wounded Warrior Retreat


NOTE: So far as we, The WWVC, can tell, there has not been a Handicap Cabin donated and built on a military post. This first ever project was undertaken knowing that it would need to be thoroughly reviewed at every level to insure compliance with law and existing regulations. In addition, we thought the approval level would most likely be higher than the stated value of the gift might otherwise require. We were very pleased at the "Can DO" attitude, helpfulness, and timely response to our proffer and requests from all involved at every level.

1.  Around the first of July 2015, Fort Rucker Directorate of Family Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Director Tim Laster mentioned his proposed idea for a Handicap Cabin located at lot 8, East Beach, at Lake Tholocco, Ft Rucker, Alabama to Officers Charles Seitz and Conrad Stempel of The Wiregrass Wounded Veterans Committee (WWVC).

2. 10 July 2015. Conrad Stempel and Charles Seitz met with Director Tim Laster and proposed that the WWVC take on the project of building the Handicap Cabin. We all agreed to look further into this idea.

3.  Around the second week of July 2015 Conrad Stempel and Charles Seitz, after consultation with the Executive Committee of the Enterprise Lions Club, and the 501(c)(3) Enterprise Lions Club Foundation, proposed that the Enterprise Lions Club Foundation and Wiregrass Wounded Veterans Committee (WWVC) investigate the possibility that WWVC offer to build the handicap cabin using The WWVC to take on the project of  building the Handicap Cabin.

4.  24 Aug 2015. Conrad Stempel and Charles Seitz sent a proposed Proffer Letter from The WWVC to Director Tim Laster for the building of the Handicap Cabin.

This would be great for all of Enterprise and the Wiregrass if we are successful. Great for the Veterans who will benefit from this cabin, great for tourism, great for the economy, great for the city, and a real demonstration of the commitment the local community has for Ft. Rucker.

5.  1 Sep 2015. Conrad Stempel, Charles Seitz, Billy Cotter and others, met at Billy Cotter's business to discuss particulars in the construction of the Handicap Cabin. Charles gave Billy a copy of the proffer, and a draft list of tasks for WWVC and MWR to accomplish. Billy agreed to be the general contractor on the building project.

6.  22 Sep 2015. The revised Proffer Letter was sent to the Ft. Rucker Garrison Commander, Colonel Shannon T. Miller.   (Click here for Proffer Letter)

7.  21 Oct 2015. A FOIA request was sent to the Garrison Commander requesting the plans for the current cabins at Lake Tholocco.   (Click here for FOIA Letter)

8.  10 Dec 2015. The Garrison Commander sent The WWVC a Statement of Need letter. Indicating the cabin was in fact needed.  (Click here for Statement of Need Letter)

9.  18 Dec 2015. The Directorate of Human Resources, Mr. Walter R. Kramer, granted our request to waive any and all fees and approved our FOIA request.  (Click Here For FOIA Approved Letter)

10. 18 Dec 2015. WWVC received the plans for the current cabins.

11.  18 Dec 2015. Mr. Billy Cotter forwarded these plans to the architect Mr. G. Mark Pepe. Mr. Pepe returned the final plans to The WWVC on 5 Sep 2016.

12.  Fund raising commenced, and as word spread funds were raised by veterans' groups, civic groups, churches, businesses, motorcycle groups, and individuals throughout the Wiregrass area. Funds were raised by concerts, vehicle test-drives, speaking engagements, and a GoFundMe account. This was an event the Wiregrass community came together to support.


13. 6 Apr 2017. Charles Seitz, Treasurer of The WWVC, sent a letter to Garrison Commander Colonel Miller stating that The WWVC has sufficient funds, material, and labor to insure completion of The Handicap Cabin.   (Click here for Statement of Funding Letter)

14. 31 Aug 2017 The WWVC received a letter from Lieutenant General Kenneth R. Dahl, Commander of Installation Management Command formally accepting the WWVC gift of an ADA-compliant cabin for Wounded Warriors at Fort Rucker, Alabama.  (Click here for Cabin Acceptance Letter)